Lucas – Labour must accept “there is no jobs first Brexit”

‘Another Europe is Possible’ have today (Thursday) published a new report called ‘The Corbyn Moment and Europe’ which calls for Labour to commit to continued membership of the European Union. 

Commenting, Caroline Lucas MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

The Labour Party must face the reality that there is no such thing as a 'jobs first Brexit'. In fact, it is increasingly clear that all forms of Brexit will hurt our economy and businesses and likely result in a prolonged period of austerity.

The path the Government has chosen to take, which prioritises cynical immigration targets and the pursuit of fantasy trade deals, poses a profound threat to jobs and living standards. And as Jeremy Corbyn himself said during the referendum, it will weaken Britain’s ability to promote workers' rights and lead the way in tackling climate change and tax avoidance.

At a minimum Labour must back staying in the Single Market as well as the Customs Union, to limit the damage of Brexit. But they should also keep an open mind as to whether leaving is the right path for our country.”



Notes to editors

The report (under embargo) can be read here: