Lucas – “Time for Labour to get off the fence and lead the Brexit debate”

Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Brexit Sub-committee have been meeting today to discuss what position the party’s frontbench will take in Parliament over leaving the EU.

The meeting comes just days after over 20,000 emails were sent to the Labour Party calling on it to establish a policy commission on Brexit and to emphatically reject the Government’s plans for a hard Brexit. 


Commenting, Caroline Lucas MP, a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

“The time has come for Labour to get off the fence and have the courage to lead the Brexit debate in the country.

“If we want to protect British jobs rather than preside over increased unemployment, to invest in public services and not preside over further austerity, and to strengthen and not destroy the peace process in Ireland, then we must unequivocally oppose the hard Brexit being pursued by Theresa May, David Davis and Boris Johnson.”