Malhotra – Davis accused of treating Parliament and the people with contempt

Commenting on the Urgent Question earlier today on the release of Brexit impact assessments, Seema Malhotra MP, leading supporter of Open Britain and member of the Exiting the European Union Select Committee, who has helped lead the campaign for DEXEU to release the impact assessments, said:

“Today David Davis was accused of treating Parliament, and the British people, with contempt. MPs voted for the Government to release its sectoral Brexit impact studies, in full, to the Exiting the EU Select Committee.

“Two weeks ago the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England said Brexit could lead to a “sharp step down” in the UK’s productivity. Leaving the EU has the potential to make working families worse off, to weaken our public services, and to hit business. Voters have the right to know the impact of Brexit based on the analysis carried out by their Government, and to have the confidence that Parliament is being informed. 

“Ministers have suffered a real rebuke in the House of Commons today. They must respect the resolution passed by the House of Commons on the 1st November and give the Committee the reports, in full. It is imperative that the Secretary is State appears before the Committee urgently.”