Malhotra – Government is keeping 29 million UK workers in the dark over impact of Brexit

New research from the Open Britain campaign today reveals that the Government is keeping as many as 29 million UK workers in the dark about their own future after Brexit.

The Department for Exiting the European Union has conducted impact assessments on the consequences of Brexit for 58 different sectors of the UK economy but despite releasing the full list of sectors are still refusing to publish the impact assessments.  

Open Britain estimate that the number of workers in sectors analysed by the Government to be around 29 million employees across all 58 sectors, representing around 88% of the total UK workforce.

Commenting, Seema Malhotra MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“It is unclear why the Government is determined to keep 29 million British workers in the dark about the impact Brexit could have on their jobs, careers and livelihoods.

“Working people have every right to know what is going to happen in their industries and their workplaces because of Brexit.

“Ministers may not be bothered enough to read these reports but people deserve to see the facts for themselves. If these reports show that Brexit will cause real damage to our economy and our country, the public has a right to know.” 


Notes to editors:

This story is reported in the Huffington Post:

A full breakdown of jobs in each sector is here:

Some sectors do not have easily available figures, but due to the degree of crossover between similar sectors (for example ‘Gas market’ and ‘Oil and fossil fuel production (including gas)’), the total figures should still be approximately accurate. 

The list of 58 sectors reportedly cover 88% of the economy: 

The ONS estimates the current total UK workforce as 32.1 million:

88% of 32.1 million is 28.25 million and so gives a very similar estimate as to how many people are employed in the UK across the 58 sectors.