Malhotra – Parliament must not be short-changed over Brexit impact assessments

The Government will not provide the Exiting the European Union Select Committee will full, unredacted copies of their 58 Brexit impact assessments, it has been reported today.

Commenting, Seema Malhotra MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Parliament voted for the Government to provide the Brexit Select Committee with its studies on the impact of leaving the European Union.

“If it is true that the reports they are handing over have already been redacted or edited, this would be against the spirit and the letter of Parliament’s motion. It would show once again how desperate Ministers are to hide the facts about Brexit from Parliament and the public. 

“Ministers must give the Committee all the information they need, or they will once again face embarrassment and defeat in the House of Commons.

“David Davis has publicly stated for months that the reports are complete. In evidence to the Select Committee he had said they were ‘in excruciating detail’. In November, his Department was saying they ‘didn't exist’. British businesses and families deserve better than this. 

“The Select Committee must be given the analyses which were completed and nothing less. We cannot and should not be short-changed. The public and Parliament must no longer be kept in the dark.”