McFadden – Andy Street right to highlight Brexit trade and customs risks to Midlands jobs

The Conservative Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, today wrote an op-ed for The Times warning that if the Government gets post-Brexit customs arrangements wrong it could cost tens of thousands of jobs in the Midlands, particularly in the automotive sector.

Commenting, Pat McFadden, MP for Wolverhampton South East and leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Andy Street is right to highlight the serious risk to jobs in the West Midlands of new trade and customs barriers, particularly in the automotive sector.

“The automotive sector is absolutely vital to the West Midlands and it operates on the basis of international supply chains and adherence to common rules and standards for components.  These components may cross borders several times before the finished product is made.  Putting barriers, paperwork and delays in the way of that process will hit jobs and investment.

“It is time the Government stopped negotiating with itself over what form of customs barriers will appease the hard right Brexiteers on the Conservative backbenches and instead put people’s jobs and livelihoods first.

“Rather than continuing to argue over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, the Government should face up to the obvious solution which is to remain part of the Customs Union and common Single Market rules on which these vital industries operate at present.”



Notes to editors:

The full op-ed by Andy Street can be read here.