McFadden – Chancellor should end the “cherry picking and wishful thinking” over Brexit cost

The Chancellor is to make a speech about financial services and Brexit tomorrow (Wednesday).

Commenting, Pat McFadden MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:


A year ago, the Government was promising that outside the EU we could retain ‘the exact same benefits’ as we have now.

Now the Prime Minister has admitted that is not the case. She has acknowledged that the Brexit promise of the same access is not going to be met.  So instead of another bout of cherry picking and wishful thinking on the European negotiations the Chancellor should spell out exactly what the Brexit costs will be and who will pay them. 

Nowhere is the cost likely to be higher than in the UK’s world leading financial and professional services: the kind of things where we excel but where market access is likely to be drastically limited in the hard Brexit the Government is now aiming for.  

We all know the Chancellor has been telling the Cabinet privately there is a cost to Brexit.  He might as well be consistent and give the same message to the public.”