McFadden – Davis forced to recognise the new parliamentary reality

Brexit Secretary David Davis today (Wednesday) gave evidence to the Select Committee on Brexit.

Commenting, committee member Pat McFadden MP, a leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

David Davis confirmed this morning that the resolution on the EU deal is amendable and that the Government would respect the wishes of Parliament. He refused, several times, to repeat his previous threat that this was a take it or leave it vote and that rejection of the Government’s resolution would mean ‘the deal falls. Full stop. In toto’.

“This is a welcome and overdue recognition of the new parliamentary reality following the 2017 general election. The Government’s attempt to get a mandate for an ideologically driven hard Brexit backfired last year. Parliament has every right to put jobs and prosperity before the Government’s self-imposed red lines which have been driving this agenda. There are important votes coming up on the Customs Union and other issues and the Secretary of State has confirmed this morning that the Government will respect those votes.  

“Parliament should not be put into the position of either accepting whatever the Government negotiates or a no deal scenario trading with the EU purely on WTO rules. MPs across the House will expect to have some influence over this process and the Secretary of State’s comments this morning make that more likely.”