McFadden – Fox speech pathetically vague and bromide-filled

Commenting on Liam Fox’s speech to the World Trade Organisation earlier today, Pat McFadden MP, of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“From a government promising an ambitious global trade agenda, Liam Fox’s speech was pathetically vague and bromide-filled.

“Dr Fox needs to spell out the details – whether Britain will leave the Customs Union, whether we will continue to be a member of the Single Market, and what will happen to the trade deals the EU has signed on our behalf with more than 50 countries. He needs to set out the economic effects of leaving the Single Market or the Customs Union. The public have a right to know before the government makes crucial decisions on our trading future.

“Most of all, it is vital that he does not rely on the WTO, and sleepwalk onto WTO rules, which would be the worst outcome for the British economy, as key industries like cars would face high and destructive tariff walls.”