McFadden – May “should put the national interest first” over Brexit

Cabinet Ministers are meeting at Chequers today (Thursday) in the latest attempt to fix a Government negotiating position on Brexit.

Commenting Pat McFadden MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

The Prime Minister has consistently failed to show leadership over Europe because she cannot reconcile the contradictions between what was promised during the referendum and what is actually deliverable.  

In her desperation to survive she has been pushed around by a small, but very well organised and extremely determined, group of right-wing nationalists who are committed to the hardest Brexit possible and who could not care less about the economic costs.

The referendum was not a vote to lower incomes, lose jobs or threaten the Good Friday Agreement. Yet all of these will be a consequence of a hard Brexit that the Prime Minister is conceding to the nationalists in her Cabinet.

Instead she could and should put the national interest first and negotiate to keep Britain in the Customs Union and Single Market.”