McFadden – On Northern Ireland, the Government is trying to reinvent the wheel

Commenting on the release of the Government’s position paper on Brexit and Northern Ireland, Pat McFadden MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“For the second day running the Government is trying to reinvent the wheel. The obvious solution to frictionless trade and the border issues with Northern Ireland is to stay within the Customs Union. This gives us easy access to trade within the EU and makes us party to a number of trade agreements around the world. 

“The vagueness of the documents published over the last two days is not driven by the national interest, but by the Prime Minister’s need to appease various interests within the Conservative Party.  

“It would be a tragedy if Brexit resulted in a big step backwards on the progress made in Northern Ireland in recent years. That can be avoided by being less dogmatic about leaving the Customs Union and avoiding the need for elaborate new arrangements designed to replicate what we have at the moment.”