McFadden – Sectoral reports say more about Government’s paranoid state of mind than about Brexit

The parliamentary Exiting the EU Committee today published the Brexit sectoral analysis reports handed over to them by the Department for Exiting the EU. T

These reports became famous as the so-called Brexit ‘impact assessments’, that Brexit Secretary David Davis first indicated did exist, before backtracking. The reports published today do not include sections detailing the views of industry sectors after the Exiting the EU Committee voted against their inclusion.

Commenting, Pat McFadden MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The knots the Government has tied itself in over publication of these reports says more about the state of politics and the Government’s paranoid state of mind than it does about Brexit.  There is little or nothing in them that couldn’t be learned from the annual reports of different trade bodies yet we were asked to believe that somehow revealing how many cars were made in Britain every year was an act of national treachery. 

“The Government’s most ardent supporters on the Select Committee voted not to reveal the sections which showed the industry views of Brexit and what they hoped the outcome of the talks would be. You have to wonder what they have to fear.

“This whole saga of whether or not there were impact assessments or sectoral studies, and what the difference between them may or may not be, has revealed that breezy busking won’t cut it when people’s jobs and livelihoods are on the line. Winging it should not be a matter of principle. The best way through this is to know as much as we can and put jobs and prosperity before the ideology that has driven much of the positioning up until now.”



Notes to editors:

The published content of the Brexit reports can be found here.