McFadden – “So much for taking back control”

Brexit minister Suella Braverman gave evidence to the Commons Brexit committee this morning.

Under questioning the minister admitted that the Withdrawal Agreement would require the UK to pay into the EU regardless of the outcome of trade talks and then tried to backtrack, giving the impression of confusion at the heart of government.


Commenting, Pat McFadden MP, a member of the committee and a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

The mess Suella Braverman got into over payments to the EU is a stark illustration of the complete chaos in Government over Brexit.  

She was forced to admit that the financial settlement with the EU is part of the withdrawal agreement and is not conditional on agreement on the future relationship.  So much for taking back control.  The Tories have agreed to pay tens of billions for a worse deal than we have now and without having any guarantees about what we will get for it in return.

Having admitted this, in order to try to appease the Brexiters and shield them from the reality of what the Government has agreed she then issued a threat that the UK may not stick by its word and might seek to reopen the issue a year or two down the line.  

“The UK should be a country that keeps its word, not one that reaches agreements and in the next breath threatens not to stick by them in order to appease a faction in the Conservative party.  These kinds of statements do no good to our international reputation and the Government should make clear the UK will hold to the international agreements it makes.”