McFadden – We should not sleepwalk to a hard Brexit

Commenting ahead of Liam Fox’s speech to the World Trade Organisation tomorrow amid reports in the Financial Times today that the Government is increasingly favouring a ‘hard’ Brexit, Pat McFadden MP, of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Before deciding on our future relationship with the Single Market and the Customs Union, we need much more detail on what this would mean for jobs and investment in the UK.

“The Government cannot simply be led by ideology or the need to make Liam Fox's job real. These judgements have to be made in the basis of what's best for the UK economy.

“The Government has been slow to realise what would be involved in leaving the Single Market and Customs Union. Businesses are desperately briefing ministers on this but there is an urgent need for a proper assessment which should be shared with the public.

“We should not sleepwalk to a hard Brexit without knowing what this would mean for the economy.”