McGovern – Aerospace has nothing to gain but a lot to lose from Brexit

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee have published a report on the impact of Brexit on the British aerospace industry.

The Committee state:

A “no deal” exit from EASA would be highly costly and disruptive to aerospace and aviation in the UK, and have serious adverse impacts in the EU and globally. A managed transition from EASA could be protracted and costly, for no practical benefit in terms of regulatory sovereignty.


Commenting, Alison McGovern MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“This cross-party report makes it clear Britain’s world-leading aerospace industry has nothing to gain from Brexit but could suffer catastrophically if Brexit goes wrong.

“Modern, high-tech manufacturers rely on efficient supply chains, use multiple sites across Europe and want the largest possible home market. Brexit threatens all of these.

“As we learn more about the risks and potential costs of Brexit, it is right that we keep an open mind about whether it is the right choice for the UK’s future.”



Notes to editors

The report can be read here: