McGovern – Davis leaves Washington looking like an extra in The Thick of It

Commenting on David Davis’ speech in Washington earlier today, Alison McGovern MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“David Davis went to Washington hoping to look statesmanlike, but he leaves it looking like an extra from an episode of The Thick of It.

“He dismissed one of his own proposals on customs as ‘blue sky thinking’ and admitted that Britain will not be able to do a trade deal with the US until a transitional period is over, when he once promised that such a deal would be ready to implement the day the UK left the EU. He also said that the UK will not compromise on standards in trade negotiations, when Liam Fox made the exact opposite point in Washington a month ago.

“With the Government’s position on trade in chaos, and the negotiations stalling, the chances of a bad Brexit deal that hits the UK economy are increasing. It is more important than ever for the Government to reverse their ideological choice to leave the Single Market and Customs Union.”