McGovern – Hammond’s admission shows Government are breathtakingly dysfunctional on Brexit

The Cabinet has not discussed what they want the “end state” of the UK’s future relationship with the EU to be, Chancellor Philip Hammond has admitted today while giving evidence to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee. 

Commenting, Alison McGovern MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“This is beyond parody. The Government is flailing around trying to get agreement to move on to talks on the future UK-EU relationship. Yet they don’t even know what they want that relationship to be once they make that progress. They are breathtakingly dysfunctional. 

“Nine months into the Article 50 period, with the talks stuck in the mud and the Cabinet having not even discussed the next phase, the chances of getting a half-decent Brexit deal are diminishing rapidly. This process is far more complicated than we were promised, and it is already harming our economy. 

“As new facts emerge, and as the division and confusion within Government continues, voters have the right to keep an open mind about whether Brexit is really the best future for our country.”


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