McGovern – Hammond’s speech contrasts with hard Brexit fantasies

Responding to Philip Hammond’s speech at Conservative Party Conference today, Alison McGovern MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Nobody in the referendum voted to become poorer or to damage our trading links with the EU, our biggest economic partner and the destination of nearly half of British exports.

“The Chancellor’s acknowledgement of that, and his highlighting of the ‘hazards’ that are inherent in our exit from the EU, is in sharp contrast to the unrealistic fantasies of hard Brexiters like Boris Johnson and Liam Fox. It is also hard to square with the Government’s determination to leave the Single Market and Customs Union.

“He and the Prime Minister must realise that the best way to avoid the hazards caused by Brexit – the only way to protect investment and to prevent jobs being lost – is to rethink the entire approach and to prioritise preserving totally free trade with Europe.”