McGovern – New report shows Britain can reform immigration while staying in Single Market

It would be possible for the Government to win concessions on reforming the free movement of people while staying in the Single Market, a new report released today (Monday) by the UK in a Changing Europe states.

The report, written by Dr Jonathan Portes, argues that “a Swiss-style system of temporary and targeted regional and/or occupation specific controls might be feasible” alongside continued British membership of the Single Market. 

Commenting, Alison McGovern MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government’s commitment to a hard and destructive Brexit means they have not even bothered to ask the question about whether free movement can be reformed within the Single Market, which this report shows it can.

“With imaginative diplomacy that seeks a continued close relationship with the EU, rather than threatening to leave with no deal, it would be possible to protect jobs and our economy while changing the way immigration from the EU works.  

“Unfortunately, Ministers have made an ideological choice to put our prosperity at risk by leaving the Single Market. The public have a right to keep an open mind about Brexit as the consequences of this decision impact on growth, jobs and prices in the shops.”