McGovern – Posted Workers Directive change shows UK can stay in Single Market and reform immigration

Commenting on the European Commission’s decision to reform the Posted Workers Directive to end ‘social dumping’, Alison McGovern, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“This is further proof that Britain can remain in the Single Market and reform the way immigration works in Europe; enjoying the benefits of totally free and frictionless trade with our biggest economic partner while increasing control over immigration. 

“It is a cruel irony that the Government is intent on leaving the Single Market at the same time as the EU is reforming immigration to end any undercutting of workers. 

“Theresa May’s belief that Britain must leave the Single Market in order to control immigration is simply wrong. We can protect jobs, the economy and our public services by staying part of the world’s largest free trade area at the same time as reforming the rules around immigration.”


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