McGovern – Real agenda of Brextremists becoming clearer by the day

Iain Duncan Smith said today that UK businesses are just going to have to learn to “get by” with new trade barriers after Brexit. 

This follows on from reports over the weekend that some in Cabinet want to scrap the EU-derived Working Time Directive, which helps protects workers from exploitative employment practices.

Commenting on today’s news, Alison McGovern MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The real agenda of the Brextremists is becoming clearer by the day.

“They fought against the introduction of the Working Time Directive, which offers protection for all workers in Britain from exploitation. Now they want to use Brexit as an excuse to scrap it and to deregulate our economy.

“Iain Duncan Smith’s comments about British companies simply having to “get by” with a worse trading relationship with the EU show they are prepared to pay any price to achieve this - even crashing our economy, hurting our businesses and costing people their jobs.

“As the reality becomes clearer, people are right to keep an open mind about whether the costs of Brexit are worth it.”