McGovern - "Theresa May just made an extremely persuasive argument against Brexit"

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech at the Munich Security Conference, Alison McGovern MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Theresa May just made an extremely persuasive argument against Brexit. She was right to warn against putting ideology above the interests of citizens, and to talk up the importance of Europe-wide security measures.

“But she remains determined to pursue the hardest and most destructive form of Brexit imaginable, which makes weakening our security cooperation with the EU all but inevitable.

"As her own Government's secret analysis shows, all forms of Brexit will also severely hurt our economy meaning less money to spend on priorities like defence and security.

“If Brexit means losing our leadership role in Europe and weakening our security and influence in the world, everyone has the right to ask whether doing so is in the national interest.”