McGrory – Extending Article 50 timetable “only option” to stop economic damage

Three Cabinet ministers have released an open letter about a post-Brexit ‘implementation period’.

The letter, from David Davis, Philip Hammond and Greg Clark, is addressed to ‘business leaders’.

Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of the Open Britain campaign, said:

"After realising they cannot meet any of the promises they made during and since the referendum, Ministers are now proposing a transition period that simply removes our seat at the table and postpones the Brexit cliff-edge.

“What businesses really want to know is what the Government’s plan is for the future relationship - on vital issues like tariffs, customs and regulations. But Ministers can offer no certainty whatsoever because they cannot even agree amongst themselves.

"We should not leave the European Union until we know where we are going. If this is the best the Government can come up with, then we should pick the only option which doesn't damage our country and seek to extend the Article 50 timetable."