McGrory – Fox running out of people to blame for his own incompetence

Australian Trade Minister Steve Ciobo today rejected the UK Government’s proposed post-Brexit WTO quota arrangements for food imports. The Government’s plan, in conjunction with the EU, is to split the existing food import quotas between them. But the Australian Government has raised concerns that doing so would impose “unacceptable restrictions” on their exports. This follows on from a letter signed in October by WTO countries including the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand, raising similar concerns about post-Brexit WTO quota arrangements. 

Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said:

“Liam Fox is running out of people to blame for his own incompetence. Yesterday he accused British businesses of being responsible for his failure to boost trade. Today Australia has joined the likes of the US and Canada in rejecting his post-Brexit plans at the WTO.

“Like everything to do with Brexit, it now turns out to be far more complicated than we were told. We are now in danger of losing the trade deals we already have not only with the EU but with 65 countries around the world. 

“And when it comes to striking new trade deals, Dr Fox seems to be doing more harm than good.”


Notes to Editors

The full story on the Australian Trade Minister’s comments can be read here.