McGrory – Government needs to act on Boris’ warm words and guarantee rights of EU citizens

Boris Johnson has promised EU citizens living in Britain that “your rights will be guaranteed whatever happens”, the Guardian reports today, despite the fact that this is not official Government policy. 

It comes after Theresa May in her LBC interview repeatedly refused to guarantee that the rights of EU nationals would be protected were the UK to leave the EU with no deal. 

Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said:

“It’s nice to see Boris Johnson’s conscience rearing its head from time to time, but even he must know that this isn’t actually Government policy.

“Theresa May has repeatedly failed to guarantee that the rights of EU citizens living in Britain will be guaranteed in a no deal scenario. Liam Fox described them as ‘cards’ in a negotiation with the EU.

“Whatever Boris might say, Ministers have failed to give EU nationals the certainty they need, which is a scandal. These people are our doctors and nurses, colleagues, friends and neighbours. It is time the Government acted on Boris Johnson’s warm words and gave them the absolute guarantee that they can stay in Britain with their rights protected under any circumstances.”