McGrory – Government’s Brexit policy is putting trade deals at risk

There is no guarantee that the UK will be able to retain EU trade agreements with over 60 countries after Brexit, International Trade Minister Greg Hands admitted today.

Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said:

“EU membership has been vital in securing trade deals for Britain with big economies like Canada and South Korea, boosting businesses and supporting jobs. 

“And now a Government Minister has admitted that there is no guarantee these deals will remain in place after Brexit. We are facing a truly destructive cliff edge as a result of the Government’s policies – damaging our trade with the EU by leaving the Customs Union, and losing deals with the likes of Canada at the same time.

“The Government’s Brexit policy will mean less trade deals, not more. The best way to preserve our trade, both with Europe and with countries further afield, is to stay in the Customs Union.”


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