McGrory – Government’s Withdrawal Bill announcement is just window dressing

The Government is planning to amend the Withdrawal Bill to enshrine the precise date and time that the UK leaves the EU in law, it is reported tonight.

Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said:

“While welcome, this is essentially window dressing from a Government desperate to look like they are making progress on Brexit while the negotiations remain firmly stuck in the mud. 

“Though it is positive that Ministers will not be able to unilaterally decide the day we leave the EU, the Withdrawal Bill is full of further hidden nasties that must be similarly dealt with for the House of Commons to even consider passing it. 

“This also underlines how little time is left for the Government to deliver what they have promised – to negotiate the divorce agreement, transition deal and scale of the future relationship by March 2019. This will surely prove impossible.

 “This makes it all the more important that the British people can keep an open mind about Brexit, and that Ministers acknowledge that Article 50 can be withdrawn, and that the option for the public to make a choice at the end of this process remains.”