McGrory – IoD report shows Government is not talking enough to British businesses

It is clear that the Government are not doing nearly enough to minimise Brexit disruption to British businesses, the Open Britain campaign says today [Thursday], responding to a new report by one of Britain’s biggest business groups.

The survey by the Institute of Directors shows that only 11% of UK firms have begun putting Brexit contingency plans into operation, and that 18% of firms still lack an understanding of how EU law affects their sector. 

An incredible 32% of firms do not understand what moving to World Trade Organisation terms would mean for UK-EU trade, despite the fact that the Government is threatening to move to this very model. 

Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said:

“For all their talk of reaching out, it is becoming increasingly clear that Government Ministers are not talking anywhere near enough to British businesses.

“When firms could face severe disruption to their customs, regulatory and tariff conditions, it reflects poorly on the Government that nearly a fifth do not know what impact EU law has on their business. And the fact that so few have begun implementing contingency plans when we could be less than two years away from a disruptive Brexit is truly worrying. 

“The Government has a duty to minimise disruption for UK plc. They can best do this by keeping Britain in the Single Market and Customs Union to provide the smoothest Brexit possible.”