McGrory – “Public and parliamentarians have no confidence in the Brexit process”

The Commons Brexit Committee is to recommend an extension of the “Article 50 notice period” Huffington Post has exclusively reported this evening (Friday).

Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said: 

“The Government’s spectacular loss of their majority at the General Election was a message from the people that they expected Parliament and our elected representatives to take control of the Brexit process. 

“When MPs from different parties join together to make it clear that the Brexit negotiations are in such a mess, and that an extension of negotiation is probably going to be required, the Prime Minister should sit up and take notice.

“We are in a position where both the public and parliamentarians have no confidence in the Brexit process and where new facts are coming to light which show that promises made in the referendum are never going to be delivered. 

“As we discover more and more of the problems with Brexit, we have every right to keep an open mind about whether it is the right path for our country.”



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