Miliband – New poll shows Government faces almighty backlash from Leave voters if Brexit leaves them poorer

A new poll, commissioned by the Open Britain campaign, shows that half of Leave voters are not prepared to be a penny worse off as result of leaving the European Union. Specific groups within the Leave vote were even less inclined to be left poorer, including 59% of those in the North; 54% of those in the Midlands and Wales; 62% of Labour voters who voted Leave; and 57% of C2DE Leave voters. 46% of Conservatives who voted Leave would not be willing to lose any money from Brexit and even 39% of UKIP voters said the same.

The poll, conducted by YouGov, also shows that very few Leave voters are prepared to be left much worse off by leaving the EU. Only one in ten who backed Leave in June would be prepared to be more than £100 a month worse off. The poll also reveals that very few Leave voters thought that they would be made poorer by Brexit, with just 11% believing that their personal finances would be negatively affected. 

This demonstrates why it is essential that the Government delivers a new settlement with the EU which protects the UK economy and families’ living standards. For Open Britain, this underlines why it is essential that the UK remains in the Single Market.

Ed Miliband MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“The Government will rightly be subject to an almighty backlash from Leave voters if it makes decisions about our economic future that make them far poorer and leaves less money for public services.

“Having voted for a better future, this would be the ultimate betrayal. The onus, therefore, is on the Government to ensure a Brexit that is fair to working people.

“Both Remain and Leave voters share the desire to put our economy first. The Government must protect our economic future and address the deep concerns about our unequal country that drove Brexit. Parliament and the country will hold them to account in the weeks and months ahead.

Peter Kellner, the former President of YouGov, added:

“This is the first poll to look specifically at whether Leave voters are willing to accept any financial loss as a result of Brexit. 

“The answer is that few are prepared to. And given that very few expect to be worse off, the Government could have real difficulty in delivering a Brexit that satisfies those who voted for it.” 


Notes to editors

Ed Miliband’s piece in the Observer is here:

The poll is an online poll conducted by YouGov for Open Britain, which surveyed 1,615 adults in Britain between December 5th and 6th 2016. 

The respondents were asked: What is the maximum amount of money, taking account of income, taxes and prices, you would personally be willing to be worse off by in order for the UK to leave the European Union – or would you not be willing to lose any money at all?