MPs: back the rights of EU nationals

Ask your MP to back the rights of EU citizens

At Open Britain, we are campaigning to support the rights of EU citizens in Britain.

The House of Lords have stood up to the Government and voted to guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain. But the fight is far from over. The amended Article 50 bill will now go back to the Commons to be voted on.

We are urging MPs of all parties to support the amendment. EU nationals living and working in the UK are our friends, our colleagues and our neighbours. They are not bargaining chips or playing cards. We need our MPs need to act now to secure their rights and lift them out of the unacceptable state of limbo they are currently in.

You can help make this happen. Will you Email your MP and ask them to support the amended bill when it comes back to the Commons?

Please use the form to write an email to your MP. Get started by entering your address to find the MP for your area. A template email is provided but please do personalise it if you want to. 

Some tips for writing to your MP: 

  • If you voted for them at the last election, tell them. Your vote is important to them.
  • Tell them how a hard, destructive Brexit will affect you, your family, your friends and your community.
  • Be polite. Be respectful of those who have a different opinion.