Murray – Consumers do not want “Brextremists’ bonfire of regulations”

Consumer watchdog Which? have launched a “Consumer Charter for Brexit” today (Wednesday). 

The charter highlights many areas where existing European-wide consumer rights and protections are under threat in Britain as a result of the Government’s determination to leave the EU, the Single Market, and the Customs Union.


Commenting, Ian Murray MP, a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

Consumer champions Which? have laid bare the lack of appetite amongst the British public for the Brextremist vision of a bonfire of consumer, environmental and food safety protections.

Boris Johnson and others like to pretend that people voted for a complete divergence from EU standards and rapid deregulation of our economy, but the opposite is true.

People in the UK don’t want to eat chlorinated chicken, don’t want EU-wide consumer protections to be scrapped, or for mobile phone roaming charges to come back. If the Brexit we were promised does not match up to the one that is delivered, everyone is entitled to keep an open mind about whether it’s the right path for the country.”



Notes to editors

The Which? charter can be read here: