Murray – Desperation for a trade deal with the US could put British children at risk

A post-Brexit UK-US free trade deal could see a massive increase in the quantity of cancer-causing toxins in British milk and baby food, The Independent reports today. 

US regulations allow more than 20 times the quantity of harmful aflatoxins in food products, compared to the stricter regime imposed by the European Union.

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government’s desperation to do a trade deal with Trump’s America could put the health of British children and babies at risk.

“Compromising our standards to allow a higher level of carcinogens in food and milk is absolutely unacceptable, and Ministers must make that clear.

“To preserve free trade and safe standards, the Government should be negotiating to keep Britain in the Single Market.”


Notes to editors:

The story is reported in Monday’s Independent:

Ministers have been challenged to ensure that the more than €4m provided by the EU for milk for British primary-school children will be retained after Brexit: