Murray – European Parliament have rumbled Davis’ cunning plan

David Davis’ comments last weekend “risk undermining the good faith that has been built during the [Brexit] negotiations”, according to a motion passed today by the European Parliament.

The Brexit Secretary appeared to backtrack on the withdrawal agreement deal struck in Brussels last week, calling it a mere “statement of intent.”

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Nobody should be surprised that the European Parliament have rumbled David Davis. 

“Saying one thing in Brussels and another on British TV was a cunning plan worthy of Baldrick, and it has succeeded only in sowing mistrust between the negotiating teams. 

“Such incompetent double-dealing can only undermine the talks on the future relationship between Britain and the EU, making a job-destroying hard Brexit more likely.”


Notes to editors:

The Amendment to the European Parliament motion criticising David Davis is here: