Murray – Food safety standards must not be compromised as a result of UK-US trade deal

Chlorine chicken poses no health hazards to British consumers, Liam Fox said today on BBC Newsnight.

The International Trade Secretary said: “There’s no food safety issue with chlorine-washed goods.” It has been reported that Mr Fox is willing to compromise on allowing chlorine-washed chicken to be sold in the UK in order to secure a free trade agreement with the United States.

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“EU regulators and the British Poultry Council alike oppose the introduction of chlorine-washed chicken into the UK food chain. So it is cold comfort indeed to hear a Minister blithely claiming, without presenting any evidence, that chlorine chicken presents no health risk at all.

“Absolutely nobody voted for Brexit in order to lower our food standards. Regulations protecting consumers must be retained after Brexit. It is pathetic that the Government appears willing to compromise on these standards to secure a trade deal with the US. 

“Ministers would not be so desperate for such a deal if they were not intent on pulling out of the Single Market. They need to guarantee that a UK-US trade deal will not compromise the safety of British food.”