Murray – Government acting “in bad faith” over Brexit and devolution

Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington has today (Monday) made a speech on Brexit and devolution.

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

Having triggered Article 50 prematurely and largely ignored the concerns of the devolved legislatures, Ministers are now scrambling to sort out the mess they have created.

“An unspecific offer of new powers in the future, while proposing to centralise decision-making now, is neither in the spirit nor in the letter of the devolution acts. It’s a power grab, pure and simple.

“The Government are acting in bad faith and in doing so they are only storing up problems for the future. They are leaving the lasting impression that, when it comes to devolution, it is not so much that they don’t get it, but that they don’t care.

“Conservative MPs in Scotland, and the Secretary of State, have repeatedly said that the plans for devolution post-Brexit were flawed. Today should have been when we heard how they were going to be fixed, but instead we got platitudes.

“As it becomes ever clearer that Brexit threatens both the Good Friday Agreement and the integrity of the devolution settlement we all have the right to keep an open mind about whether it is right for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”