Murray – Government completely unprepared for delivering Brexit

A new report out today (Wednesday) from the Public Affairs committee has found that the Government is acting too slowly in allocating skills and resources for Brexit, and urges ‘much greater transparency’ from Government departments on responsibilities, progress and costs of leaving the EU.

Amongst other findings, the report states that “DExEU and the Cabinet Office do not have a credible plan in place to secure quickly the people and skills needed to support Brexit” and that “the paucity of information in the public domain about what departments are doing to support Brexit is undermining scrutiny of progress.”


Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“Brexit will be a monumental distraction from every other issue – from healthcare to education to security – for years to come. Once again, today we have evidence of how completely unprepared the Government are for delivering it.

“The Prime Minister launched the Article 50 process almost a year ago and yet she and her Cabinet still haven’t discussed, let alone agreed, what they want from the negotiations. The fact is, Brexit on the terms it was promised during the referendum is not deliverable.

“Given the mess the Government is making of the negotiations, it would make much more sense to extend the Article 50 process than to continue stumbling around in the dark.”