Murray – Government defeat in the Lords over EU agencies “a victory for common sense”

The Government has been defeated yet again in the House of Lords over their flagship EU Withdrawal Bill, this time over the issue of future UK participation in EU agencies.

Amendment 93, that would allow the UK to participate in EU agencies and replicate EU law, passed by 298 votes to 227 - a majority of 71.


Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the People's Vote campaign, said:

“It makes no sense for the UK leave key pan-European agencies, so today’s vote is a victory for common sense. Hopefully the Government will stop trying to placate hard Brexit-supporting MPs and support the amendment when it returns to the Commons.

“Leaving vital bodies like the European Medicines Agency, which has already cost nearly 1,000 skilled UK jobs, would be a massive mistake. The Prime Minister herself has said that staying in certain EU agencies is sensible, so it is bizarre that the Government have been opposing an amendment that gives them the explicit power to do so.

“Complex Brexit issues like how to regulate everything from air travel to chemicals to medicines are coming to light almost every day, which just goes to show why we need a People’s Vote on the terms of the final Brexit deal.”