Murray – Leave campaigners never said EU would gain more than Britain from Brexit

The Brexit withdrawal agreement will “probably favour” the EU, David Davis admitted today while giving evidence to the House of Lords European Union Committee. 

This is despite the fact that in February last year, Davis said of Brexit that: “We have far more to gain than we have to lose, while the opposite is true for the EU.”

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“In February last year, David Davis was saying Britain would have far more to gain from Brexit, while the EU would have more to lose. Now, just over a year later, he’s saying the exact opposite.

“No-one from the Leave campaign mentioned during the referendum that the Brexit negotiations would mean the EU gaining at the expense of the UK economy, yet here we are, with the Eurozone economy pulling far ahead of us and the Brexit Secretary admitting the withdrawal agreement will ‘probably favour’ the EU.

“And at the same time our economy is sputtering, prices are rising, and there is no sign of the promised £350 million extra a week for our embattled NHS.

“People have the right to look at the realities of Brexit and ask if it matches up with the promises made by the Leave side during the referendum. If it doesn’t, people have the right to change their minds.”


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