Murray – MAC report should focus on benefits EU citizens bring to our economy and public services

The Government announces today [Thursday] that it will commission the independent Migration Advisory Committee to write a report assessing the role of EU nationals in Britain’s economy and society, due to be completed in September 2018. 

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“It is encouraging that the Government is commissioning experts to look into the role of EU nationals working in our country based on evidence rather than knee-jerk emotion. It would have been better if this work had been commissioned when the Government came to office over a year ago, rather than waiting until now.

“We look forward to the results of this report next year, but the broader picture is quite clear: EU citizens working in Britain massively benefit our economy and public services. They pay billions more in tax than they take out in services, and over 60,000 do vital work in our understaffed NHS. 

“The Government needs to recognise the scale of the contribution made by EU nationals in this country and rule out any post-Brexit immigration system that would discourage them from continuing their vital work in our economy. Ministers should start by dropping their unachievable target of cutting net annual migration to the tens of thousands.”