Murray – More Brexit promises are crumbling as China trade deal years away

China’s ambassador to the EU has said there can be no question of beginning negotiations on a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK before Britain has concluded a trade deal with the EU.

Ambassador Zhang Ming told Politico: “only with an EU-U.K. deal can the U.K. be in a better position to have more detailed discussions with other players of the international community.”


Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

No one seriously believes we can conclude a trade deal with the EU before March 2019 and Ambassador Zhang’s remarks make it clear that negotiations with China on a post-Brexit trade deal will not even begin until a deal is signed, sealed and delivered.

That means it could be another decade before a deal with China is concluded and then it will only be if the UK agrees to whatever terms China wants to impose.

Once again another one of the Brexiters promises is crumbling. They promised us we would have hundreds of trade deals ready to sign as soon as we left, and the reality is we will have nothing for 20 months at a minimum and will almost certainly have to wait years before agreeing anything major – all while trade with our biggest economic partner, the European Union, has been damaged by leaving the Customs Union and Single Market. 

It is no wonder that the demand for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal is growing.”



Politico’s story can be read here: