Murray – Negotiations will require compromise to get the best deal for Britain

Commenting on the joint press conference with David Davis and Michel Barnier in Brussels this evening, at the end of the first day of Brexit negotiations, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The new constructive mood in Brussels today is a welcome contrast to the grandstanding that has too often characterised the Government’s attitude to Brexit. It is encouraging that the Government has accepted the need to first work out the rights of EU citizens, the status of the Irish border, and any possible financial contributions to the EU, in order to make these negotiations work smoothly.

“It is very clear now that the idea we can negotiate a trade and customs deal with the EU that gives us the ‘exact same benefits’ as Single Market membership in well under two years is pie in the sky. 

“Ultimately, if the Government is really out to get the best deal for Britain, they must be open to compromise on more than just the timetable of the talks, and start putting our economic prosperity at the heart of their negotiating strategy.

“The best start would be to abandon the dangerous idea that we could leave the European Union with no deal at all, which would be the worst possible outcome for jobs and living standards in this country.”


Notes to editors:

Today, Open Britain launched our petition pointing out that after the election, the Government has no mandate to lead Britain into a hard Brexit: