Murray – The top 5 times Tory Brexiteers admitted the £350m a week won’t be delivered

Even Tory hard Brexiteers have admitted that Vote Leave’s promise to spend £350 million more a week on the NHS will not be delivered, the Open Britain campaign says today. 

It came after Boris Johnson reiterated his promise in a Daily Telegraph piece to spend that figure on the NHS once Britain leaves the EU.

The figure, which was widely discredited during the EU referendum campaign, has again been dismissed by the UK Statistics Authority.

And even hard Brexiteers like Chris Grayling, Michael Gove, Theresa May, Iain Duncan Smith and Nigel Farage have refused to endorse the figure since the referendum. 

Commenting, Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South and leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Boris Johnson has spent the weekend flailing around trying to justify his fantasy figure of Britain sending £350 million a week to the EU. 

“He’s been contradicted by not just the UK Statistics Authority, but also, as we reveal today, by his own pro-hard Brexit colleagues, including the Prime Minister.

“They know what Boris seems unwilling to admit – that Vote Leave’s pledge was an outright lie which is never going to be delivered.

“Boris should put his leadership ambitions on ice and apologise for misleading the public with dodgy statistics.” 


Notes to editors:

5 times Leavers admitted that £350m will not be delivered:

1) Theresa May admits £350 million pledged to NHS by Brexit campaign isn't going to happen: "We will be, as part of the negotiations, we’ll be ensuring that we’re not paying those significant sums in the future. We will then be able to see what the size of that dividend will be and then determine how that money is spent...There’s lots of things to think about." 


2) Iain Duncan Smith backtracks on leave side's £350m NHS claim: “I never said that during the course of the election."


3) Nigel Farage: £350 million pledge to fund the NHS was 'a mistake': "That was one of the mistakes made by the Leave campaign.”


4) £350 million a week extra for the NHS only 'an aspiration' says Vote Leave campaigner Chris Grayling: "The specific proposal by the Vote Leave campaign was in fact to spend £100 million a week of that on the NHS.  I hope that aspiration will be met." 


5) Michael Gove: Vote Leave only promised £100m a week for the NHS: “I will take all the steps necessary to give the NHS at least £100m per week by 2020 … I was clear if you look at the net figures, we needed to take back control of that money, and with the net sum give £100m extra each week to the NHS.”