Murray – Time for Jeremy Corbyn to oppose a hard Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the GMB Congress today about Brexit and refused to oppose the Government’s attempts to impose a hard Brexit.

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Working people will judge Labour’s attitude to protecting jobs and investment in their future by actions. 

“It’s all good and well Labour having aspirations for what it would negotiate if in Government, but we are not, and won’t be by next Tuesday, so we must vote on what is in front of Parliament. Next week that will be the Lords amendments on the Customs Union and European Economic Area. 

“The hard Brexiters will win if we don’t support these amendments.

“If Labour refuses to back the UK staying in Europe’s economic area it will be responsible for putting thousands of jobs at risk, for threatening the rights of working people and backing a hard border in Ireland.

“Labour members and voters deserve something better than that.

“Labour should reject the agenda of the Brextremists. That means next week Labour should, at the very least, back staying not just in the Customs Union but also in Europe’s economic area.”