Murray – Tusk’s comments show Brexit negotiations are running into the sand

There is no chance of the Brexit negotiations progressing to talks about trade in October, European Council President Donald Tusk has confirmed today. The European Council meeting in October was originally intended

Mr Tusk said: “We are negotiating in good faith, and we still hope that the so-called "sufficient progress" will be possible by December. However, if it turns out that the talks continue at a slow pace, and that "sufficient progress" hasn't been reached, then - together with our UK friends - we will have to think about where we are heading.”

Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“While the Cabinet play out their divisions in the press, the real negotiations, upon which millions of people’s futures depend, are running into the sand.

“It’s not long ago we were being told by Ministers that the deal with the EU would be done within two years, and that it would be the easiest in human history. But with every round of fruitless talks a hard, destructive Brexit with no deal at all is becoming increasingly likely.

“It is clear that there simply will not be time to negotiate the special, bespoke trade partnership that Ministers seek. The best option for jobs and our economy is to stay in the Single Market and the Customs Union in the long term.”