Fox’s job is to promote British business, not attack it

Commenting on the report in the Times that the Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox, has labelled UK business ‘too fat’ and ‘too lazy’, Pat McFadden MP of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“For the second time in a week Downing Street, has had to say a Brexit Minister doesn't speak for the Government.

“If the Government doesn't confirm it supports membership of the Single Market it won't serve British business, but that is hardly surprising if ministers can't even speak up for British business.

“It is hard to see why the Government's trade minister is attacking British business when he is supposed to be promoting the UK as a great place to do business.”

Tomorrow is David Davis’s Big Trade Deal Day

Back in July, David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, said that September 9th would be the day that the Government started a ‘large round of global trade deals’ which would be concluded within two years. In doing so, he promised British participation in a free trade area ‘almost twice the size of the EU’ before negotiations between the UK and EU had been completed.

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Pat McFadden MP: 'Squabbling Ministers' must prioritise retaining full access to the single market

Pat McFadden MP says to be pro-Single Market in a post-Brexit world, is "to be pro-investment, pro jobs, pro-workers and pro-decency at work."

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Anna Soubry: the Tory who loves immigration

The MP and former minister on the pro-immigration case, her concern about Theresa May's migration policy, and why she is better at holding the government to account than Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.

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Pat McFadden: the Government needs to answer big questions

WATCH: Pat McFadden, Labour MP & Open Britain supporter, calls on the Government to answer crucial questions on UK trade, investment and immigration

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Pat McFadden on the Single Market

WATCH: Labour MP & Open Britain supporter, Pat McFadden, believes the Government is making a 'mistake' by not providing clarity on membership of the Single Market.

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We cannot gamble our economic future on a Liam Fox world tour

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s statement to Parliament after the G20 summit, Pat McFadden MP of the Open Britain campaign, said:

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The Elements of a Post-Brexit Settlement

Pat McFadden responds to comments by the Australian Trade Minister

In response to comments from the Australian Trade Minister that “the UK is unable to negotiate or sign an agreement prior to the formal exit from the EU”, Pat McFadden said:

"As the Australians have made clear our priority must be seeking the best trade arrangement with the EU. Any new deals will be more comprehensive if the UK has maximum access to European markets, which means membership of the Single Market.

"If the UK is to leave the EU customs union to pursue bilateral agreements it is incumbent on the Government to provide a full analysis of the costs and benefits of that decision, including a timetable for new trade deals and details on what we hope deals will include."



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No 10 right to slap down Davis and not give up on membership of the Single Market

At a regular briefing for journalists, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokeswoman made clear that David Davis’s comments in Parliament yesterday, where he appeared to rule out British membership of the Single Market, were ‘his opinion’, rather than government policy.

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