Anna Soubry calls for clarity from the Government on the Single Market

There were plenty of unanswered questions after David Davis' Brexit statement today: on trade, on membership of the Single Market, and on immigration.

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Brexit means what?

By Pat McFadden, Labour MP for Wolverhampton South East

After several weeks off this weekend has been the government’s “re-entry” with Brexit at its heart.

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Anna Soubry – We are none the wiser about the Government’s plans after David Davis’s statement

Commenting, the former Conservative Cabinet Minister and leading supporter of Open Britain, Anna Soubry MP, said:

“We are none the wiser about the Government’s plans after David Davis’s statement. An optimistic tone is not enough and the phrase “Brexit means Brexit” has surely passed its shelf life. It’s time for some detail.

“Workers and businesses want to know much more about the Government’s direction of travel. Our economy and security depend on it.

“David Davis himself said membership of and access to the Single Market are different. He is right. Access is available to anyone but would impose trade barriers – costing jobs and investment – whereas membership is by far the best deal for Britain.”

Chuka Umunna backs our campaign "One market, millions of jobs"

By Chuka Umunna

The Prime Minister has admitted that Britain may have “difficult times ahead”. The reason, though she was too polite to say it, was the vote to leave the European Union on June 23rd. The bruising experience of the G20 summit has proven this vividly, with Barack Obama repeating his assertion that Britain will be at the back of the queue for a trade deal with the United States. Not to mention the Japanese government making clear that the “harmful effects” of Brexit could lead to Japanese companies shifting jobs out of Britain, and the Prime Minister’s junking of almost the entire Vote Leave agenda.

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Open Britain calls for clarity on Government’s position on the Single Market

On her visit to the G20 summit in China, the Prime Minister has refused to commit the Government to introducing most of the major pledges made by Vote Leave during the referendum campaign, including the introduction of a Points Based System for immigration; providing extra money for the NHS; and scrapping VAT on fuel bills.

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Anna Soubry: what does Brexit look like?

WATCH: Open Britain co-founder Anna Soubry on why it's crucial that Britain stays in Europe's Single Market and we 'mend, not end' freedom of movement.

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We cannot leave Brexit to those who want to bring up the drawbridge

This article first appeared on the Times Red Box.

On the morning of June 24, when it was clear Leave had won, the Stronger In team assembled and through our initial dissection of defeat reached three conclusions.

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New campaign group, Open Britain, launches to fight for best possible EU deal for Britain

Today [Friday] a new campaign, Open Britain, launches by setting out the key positions the UK Government should take in the upcoming negotiations with the EU to deliver the best deal and the best relationship with Europe for Britain’s future.

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Now we need a reunited kingdom, open to Europe and the world

Despite being drawn from different political parties, all of us campaigned proudly and passionately for Britain to remain in the European Union. The result was not the one we wanted, but of course we respect the democratically expressed verdict of the British people.

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