Nick Clegg – New report shows eye-watering costs and sheer complexity of Brexit

A new report published today by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, ‘Brexit – What We Now Know’ – highlights the many new facts that have emerged since the referendum.

Commenting, Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister and leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Brexit was sold as a simple process with endless upsides and no costs.

“But as this report shows, the eye-watering costs and sheer complexity of disentangling ourselves from our nearest neighbours and largest trading partner are becoming clearer by the day.

“The true implications for our economy, for the integrity of the UK, for our NHS and for the future prospects of our children and our grandchildren are staggering.

“As these and other new facts emerge, people have every right to keep an open mind as to whether this is the right future for our country.”