Nissan shows that Britain must stay in the Single Market to stop jobs being lost

One of Britain's biggest carmakers will delay its UK investment decisions until the UK has concluded Brexit negotiations with the EU, its chief executive has said.


Carlos Ghosn said today that concern over possible tariffs levied on exports from the UK to the EU was behind Nissan's refusal to commit to investment.

Nissan's manufacturing plant in Sunderland employs nearly 7,000 people, as well as another 20,000 in the supply chain.

Commenting for the Open Britain campaign, Phil Wilson, MP for Sedgefield, said:

"Liam Fox might say that we will have a trade deal with the EU as good as what we have now - but British business doesn't believe him.

"Nissan's message is clear - that tariffs on exports would hammer exporters, putting growth and jobs at risk.

"The only way for the government to reassure business and prevent good jobs being lost is to stay in the Single Market, which guarantees totally free trade with our biggest market."