Open Britain calls for clarity on Government’s position on the Single Market

On her visit to the G20 summit in China, the Prime Minister has refused to commit the Government to introducing most of the major pledges made by Vote Leave during the referendum campaign, including the introduction of a Points Based System for immigration; providing extra money for the NHS; and scrapping VAT on fuel bills.

The Prime Minister’s comments come ahead of a statement in Parliament by the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis, where he will update MPs on the Government’s plans for leaving the EU.

Commenting, the former Conservative Cabinet Minister and leading supporter of Open Britain, Anna Soubry MP, said:

"The false claims of the Leave campaign have been laid bare for all to see. The Government is right to focus on reforming free movement – to mend it, not end it – rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water with a potentially ineffective points-based-system.

"The most fundamental thing the Government must do is provide clarity to businesses and workers about its position on the Single Market.

"Open Britain believe that the best thing to protect jobs, trade and investment is for the Government to commit to negotiating for membership of the Single Market. Warnings from the Japanese Government underline just how essential this is for our manufacturing base and national prosperity.

"Only when the Government has clarified its position on the Single Market will they be able to meaningfully discuss trade deals with other countries, who will want to know what that relationship is before entering negotiations. The position of the United States shows that warm words alone aren't good enough."